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Femto-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery


Femto-LASIK laser eye surgery is a type of corneal refractive laser surgery which is widely performed. It is the abbreviation of Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. It is a surgical procedure that uses laser to reshape the cornea to correct the refractive error with a thin flap in the cornea. Femto-LASIK laser eye surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is able to correct refractive errors from mild to severe near-sightedness and astigmatism.

• Have a safe LASIK procedure with qualified specialists in Ikonik
• LASIK is an alternative for a more natural vision without glasses
• You can achieve your dream of having clear vision with LASIK
• We provide a highly effective and fast recovery LASIK for you
• With LASIK, you can restore your vision without glasses within minutes

Femto-LASIK Eye Surgery

lasik surgery

Step 1
Cornea flap is created and lifted.

eye laser

Step 2
An Excimer laser is used to correct the refractive error.

eye lasik

Step 3
The flap is repositioned and allowed to heal and adhered naturally without stitches

LASIK Criteria
  • 18 years old and above
  • Power of spectacles must be stable for at least 2 years
  • Minimum corneal thickness of 470 micron
  • Normal corneal topography
  • Healthy eyes
  • Neither pregnant nor breastfeeding
  • A shorter LASIK treatment time with accurate results.
  • Bladeless LASIK is available here! A more comfortable experience during the procedure
  • LASIK is a way for you to be free from glasses that is accurate and safe
Creating LASIK Flaps

Fully Laser Automated (Femto-LASIK) VS Blade LASIK

In the early years of LASIK surgery, manual blade system known as microkeratomes were used to create the corneal flap. The flap was created to allow exposure of the deeper layer of the cornea to the Excimer laser that reshapes the cornea. The development of Femtosecond laser technology has revolutionised flap creation; it allows the procedure to be a bladeless procedure with its own advantages. Bladeless laser eye surgery procedures such as Femto-LASIK provide a better experience for the patients and better comfort.

lasik eye surgery
Bladeless / Femto-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery
  • Uses Femtosecond laser systems to create the corneal flap
  • Safely create even flaps as thin as 100 microns
femto lasik
Blade LASIK Eye Surgery
  • Mechanical microkeratome use high-precision oscillating-blade systems that dock to a suction ring to create a lamellar corneal flap
  • Flap thickness may vary throughout the flap

Post-operative care

After Femto-LASIK laser eye surgery, it is recommended to:

  1. Not rub the operated eye.
  2. Wear an eye shield while sleeping for a week to avoid moving the flap.
  3. Compliance towards prescribed eye drops usage following the surgery to prevent infection and control dryness.
  4. Avoid swimming for a month and strenuous contact sport for at least two weeks.
  5. It is also common to get teary and irritation of the eyes immediately after LASIK surgery, these symptoms will go away within hours

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The most frequently asked questions on Femto-LASIK laser eye surgery:

  1. Post-operative medications and eye drops? We will provide you with artificial tears and antibiotic eyedrops. Before you go home, we will explain to you the use and frequency of the drops.
  2. Resuming normal routines? On the day of the procedure, you are advised to bring someone to drive you home as you might experience temporary visual discomfort which may be dangerous for you to drive or operate machines. However, you can continue doing light chores and daily activities.
  3. Sensitivity towards the light? Yes, it is normal and it is a temporary symptom. You can use your sunglasses to reduce the glare and make your eyes feel comfortable. It is also common to get teary and irritation on the eyes. You can just dab your tears on your lower eyelid without applying pressure on your eyeball.
  4. Suitability? We will examine your eye conditions first and if you are not eligible for LASIK, we will suggest alternative procedures that suit you more.

Google Review

Najihah Musa

5-star rating

16 hours ago

“I was planning to do LASIK treatment, first come for eye assessment and the process very smooth and was not expected can do treatment on same day. Overall the service very good all staff friendly. Recommended for those looking a good/prefect vision.”


Steven 96

3 weeks ago

I rarely write review about a place. But I highly recommend those who want to do LASIK for their eyes make sure you come here. Fast & Efficient. What’s more important is their service. All the nurse and professors are very friendly and kind. They will guide you through all the procedures.


Nor Azliza

2 months ago

Saya sgt berpuas hati dengan servis yang disediakan di sini. rawatan yang dilakukan disini adalah LASIK -bebas rabun. Semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dengan layanan staf dan doktor yang terbaik.


liyana nordin

6 months ago

Service sangat bagus. Saya recomend pada sesiapa yang ingin membuat rawatan mata/LASIK boleh buat di sini.


Quinn Amalore

6 months ago

I had a great experience here. I have to say it i did not expect the service to be this brilliant!


My Journey:

I had my LASIK surgery done on 27 June 2021. When i first walked into the centre, the reception service was a little slow at first. It could have been the COVID SOP im not too sure but i waited first to be served.


Then, i went into the room that consists of machines where the staff will conduct a series of mini tests on your eye to determine your suitability. Very lovely staff, spoke good english.


Once i ‘passed’ the series of test, meaning to say it was a determined that i am a suitable candidate for surgery. Good news for me i was eligible for both flap and the Flap-Less surgery.


I move into the next room where Ms Aishah examined my eyes to check my power. She was extremely kind and patient as well. Again, gave a good service and didn’t make me feel like i was taking too much of her time asking questions.


Next, i moved into the next room to be Prof Muhaya. Prof is generally a sweet and caring doctor, she re-checked my results and cleared any questions i might have had. On the surgery day, it took me 15 mins to complete surgery on both eyes. I did the FLAP surgery. Although i was a little scared of moving my eyes during the surgery, Prof was very reassuring and guided me throughout the entire process.


After the surgery, i walked out of the room with a slightly clear-cloudy vision. The cloudiness disappeared within 7 hours. Fast forward to 7 days later, i went back for my checkup, Prof checked me eyes and told me that the incision she made on my cornea has completely healed up. I was completely healed, i could rub my eyes again. No fear!


Clear vision, being able to walk freely without those darn glasses was one of my bucket lists item – and i achieved that on that day.


I’m not one for writing long reviews, but i knew i had to because the service was just too good to be true on Malaysian standards, if you know what i mean. Its rear to find service and care as good as this. I wanted to say thank you, IKONIK staff. Brilliant service!

– Quinn Amalore


Fairuz Shohaimay

7 months ago

I did a comprehensive eye examination last Monday. I came back on Thursday for the LASIK treatment. The surgery took about 12 minutes. Prof Muhaya and her staff are excellent. They are always ready to answer any questions that I have. They really help me to feel calm throughout the whole process. The surgery was painless. I should have done LASIK sooner.

I received a call from the clinic yesterday to follow up about the condition of my eyes and reminded me about the medications.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with their service. Highly recommended 👍🏼

Shairani Shohaimi

5 months ago

service dan layanan staff mmg terbaik..so amazing do LASIK here.


Preethina Nagenthiran

7 months ago

I’m really satisfied and happy with their excellent service. Prof Muhaya and her staffs ensure that they provide the best service for their patients. The LASIK surgery went well and there were no complications at all for me. I’m glad that I have been introduced to this eye specialist centre.


Ili Fatimah

8 months ago

Very recommended. Staff yang sangat friendly, very informative. The best part, the LASIK was done by Prof Muhaya. Sangat tenang dan positif. Kita yg berdebar2 ni terus hilang segala gemuruh sbb prof ajak zikir, selawat, baca surah2..procedure sekejap je. Tak sampai 10minit. Tak sakit langsung. Takde rasa sangat pedih2 mata after LASIK tu. Berbaloi2 sgt dengan harga..keesokan nya, mata dah terang sepenuh nya..syukur sgt..


Farhan Ibrahim

8 months ago

The best LASIK surgery service. EXTREMELY fast, very² clean and friendly staffs. The most important thing is, they are very professional. Recommended!


kursiah dolwahit

10 months ago

Alhamdulillah, saya buat LASIK kat sini. Prof, Dr dan semua staff sangat peramah dan membantu. Persekitaran pun selesa

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