Laser Eye Surgery

Patient Criteria
      • 18 years old and above
      • Spectacle power must remain stable for 2 years
      • Suitable cornea condition
      • Healthy eyes
      • Neither pregnant nor breastfeeding
        • Flap-less
        • Easy post-operative care
        • Single-step (only a single laser used)
        • The majority of the upper corneal layer remains intact, thus the strength of the cornea is preserved
        • Smaller incision size reduces the risk of post-operative dry eyes
Flap-Less Laser Eye Surgery Post-Operative Care
  • Post-operative medications and eye drops:

We will supply you with artificial tears and antibiotic eyedrops. Before you go home, we will explain to you the use and frequency of the drops

  • Resuming normal routines:

On the day of the procedure, we recommend bringing someone to drive you home as you may experience temporary visual discomfort that could be unsafe for driving. However, you can continue doing light chores and daily activities

  • Sensitivity towards the light:

Yes, it is normal and it is a temporary symptom. You can use your sunglasses to reduce the glare and make your eyes feel comfortable. It is also common to get teary and irritation on the eyes. You can just dab your tears on your lower eyelid without applying pressure on your eyeball

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