Who Are We?

Correcting Your Sight

And Improving Your Vision In Life

Our centre was formed based on the aspiration of wanting to make a difference in the people’s lives we encounter. Hence, our dedicated team strive to give a good hospitality and treatment for the visitors. In line with our slogan of “Correcting Your Sight, Improving Your Vision in Life,” we believe in living a holistic life where a grateful heart flourishes abundance of health and wealth.

Ikonik Eye Specialist Centre (formerly known as Prof Muhaya Eye & LASIK Cente) was incorporated on 6 September 2013 and began its operation on 5 May 2014. We started with just focusing on corneal refractive surgeries, which includes Femto Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) and Flapless procedure. However, within a short period, we have broadened our services to offer treatment for other common eye diseases such as cataract surgery, YAG-laser, diabetic eye disease treatments, pterygium surgery and paediatric ophthalmology services.

We are equipped with the advanced ophthalmic diagnostic equipment and operating theatre to provide a good care for your eyes. Additionally, our staff receive extensive continuous training in understanding the eyes to ensure that they can attend to your needs while you are at the centre. Our line of consultants is ready to offer you their services, provide you with the most exceptional care for your eyes and most importantly make you understand about your eyes! The satisfied smile and laughter of our patients are always our motivation.

We are excited to have you experience this memorable journey with us!

Our Mission

“Correcting your sight, improving your vision in life”

Our mission statement revolves around providing quality services and values aiming to escalate quality of lives of those who want to improve their eyesight. We are committed to go the extra mile and give our best to our patients, our stakeholders and the community around us.

Our customer
care approach

We are a patient-centric centre where we believe in providing quality services at every touch point. The output of good quality is reflected based on how our patients grade us; therefore, we continuously evolve our processes to ensure that our patients’ needs, and expectations are always met.

In the end

  • Your new eyesight and improved vision
  • Your utmost satisfaction
  • The sincere friendship created

are what matters to us most…

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