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Flap Laser Eye Surgery in Malaysia


Flap laser eye surgery, commonly known as LASIK eye surgery is a type of corneal refractive laser surgery which is widely performed. It is a surgical procedure that uses laser to reshape the cornea to correct the refractive error with a thin flap in the cornea. Flap laser eye surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is able to correct refractive errors from mild to severe near-sightedness and astigmatism.

• Have a safe FLAP procedure with qualified specialists in Ikonik
• FLAP is an alternative for a natural vision without glasses
• You can achieve your dream of having clear vision with FLAP
• We provide a highly effective and fast recovery FLAP for you
• With FLAP, you can restore your vision without glasses within minutes

You are our next candidate for Flap laser eye surgery if you are…
  • 18 years old and above
  • Power of spectacles must be stable for at least 2 years
  • Suitable corneal condition
  • Healthy eyes
  • Neither pregnant nor breastfeeding
Congratulations! Our Flap laser eye surgery is…
  • A shorter Flap treatment time with accurate results.
  • Bladeless Flap is available here! A more comfortable experience during the procedure
  • Flap is a way for you to be free from glasses that is accurate and safe

WOW! IKONIK Flap Laser Eye Surgery is BLADELESS?!

In the early years of LASIK surgery, manual blade system known as microkeratomes were used to create the corneal flap. The flap was created to allow exposure of the deeper layer of the cornea to the Excimer laser that reshapes the cornea. The development of Femto-second laser technology has revolutionised flap creation; it allows the procedure to be a bladeless procedure with its own advantages. Bladeless laser eye surgery procedures such as Flap laser eye surgery provide a better experience for the patients and better comfort.

Bladeless / Flap Laser Eye Surgery
  • Uses Femtosecond laser systems to create the corneal flap
  • Safely create even flaps as thin as 90 microns
Blade LASIK Eye Surgery
  • Mechanical microkeratome use high-precision oscillating-blade systems that dock to a suction ring to create a lamellar corneal flap
  • Flap thickness may vary throughout the flap

Yeah! I want to do Flap Laser Eye Surgery TODAY!

The most frequently asked questions on Flap laser eye surgery:


What are the post-operative medications and eye drops to be used?


We will provide you with artificial tears and antibiotic eyedrops. Before you go home, we will explain to you the use and frequency of the drops.


When can I resume my normal routines?


On the day of the procedure, you are advised to bring someone to drive you home as you might experience temporary visual discomfort which may be dangerous for you to drive or operate machines. However, you can continue doing light chores and daily activities.


Will I have sensitivity towards the light?


Yes, it is normal and it is a temporary symptom. You can use your sunglasses to reduce the glare and make your eyes feel comfortable. It is also common to get teary and irritation on the eyes. You can just dab your tears on your lower eyelid without applying pressure on your eyeball.


How can I know the suitability of my eyes to undergo Flap laser eye surgery?


We will examine your eye conditions first and if you are not eligible for Flap, we will suggest alternative procedures that suit you more.

Post-Operative Care - Flap Laser Eye Surgery

After Flap laser eye surgery, it is recommended to:

  • Do not rub the operated eye.
  • Wear an eye shield while sleeping for a week to avoid displacement of the flap.
  • Compliance with prescribed eye drops usage following the surgery to prevent infection and control dryness.
  • Avoid swimming for a month and strenuous contact sport for at least two weeks.
  • It is also common to get teary and irritated in the eyes immediately after Flap laser eye surgery, these symptoms will go away within hours
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