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Cataract Eye Treatment

Cataract term is no longer a rare thing in our community. We must have heard about it either by our family’s experience or from reading. Recently, after the MCO has been lifted, IKONIK encounter many “challenging cataract.” Challenging cataract refers to the cataract that is hard, small pupil, diabetic leathery cataract – these cases are challenging to manage intraoperatively. Cases like this have higher risk of complications. We always tell the patients, that hard cataracts are hard to manage because it is like “cutting a hard rock” as compared to “slicing a piece of cake.” Now, I am highlighting this condition because all these patients presented late to the clinic as they waited too long to seek medical advice.



If you have parents, the elderly, or anyone that you know who complain of blurry vision, please bring them to see an eye specialist immediately. Do not wait for a better time as many conditions bring better results when they are treated early.


The impact of early assessment is massive, and it can save vision. There are some cataracts which can cause inflammation or even rise in the intraocular pressure (eye pressure), and this condition can lead to irreversible blindness! So please get your loved ones to have their eye assessed promptly.


Prevention is always better than cure! Let’s book an appointment with your eye specialist to increase the quality of life for your loved ones!

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